Through our well structured and wholesome educational processes, our vision is to raise godly intellectuals and influential leaders, who will set the pace in all spheres of human enterprise, and be optimally primed at all times, to impact their host societies positively and invariably change the whole world.
To provide sound instruction and quality education, of internationally certified standards and suitably adapted for the progressive development of the whole child: physically, academically, socially and morally; and in an atmosphere of godliness and discipline, where children can learn and be influenced positively.
Winning Perspective
At LoveWorld School, we recognize that quality education early in one's childhood, contributes immensly in building a strong foundation in the life of a child. This will invariably prepare him/her to successfully create/provide workable solutions in a diverse range of challenging situations affecting individuals and/or contemporary societies, in his/her older years.
Core Values
1. Vision
2. Diligence
3. Courage
4. Global Competition
5. Team Work
6. Pro-activeness
7. Excellence

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Our Distance Learning Programme provides uninterrupted educational opportunities for our children despite the continual closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The DLP is aimed at engaging our students constructively, focusing on acquiring and assimilating knowledge in line with the standard curriculum. The programme adequately prepares the students for the curriculum
and all prospective examinations.

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The world around is increasingly driven by science and technology. Our curriculum prepares students to compete and to lead.


Arts challenge the mind, nurture the soul, spur innovation and play a vital role in shaping the intellect of students.

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Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology and power.

Innovation in Learning

We transform theories into practice, knowledge into understanding and passion into action.

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I think of LoveWorld School as a place where every child wants to be. The teachers are kind and sweet. Our curriculum is robust and it’s also British.

To me LoveWorld School is a place where you can make a difference, where you can express yourself and everyone will listen to you.

If your child learns by seeing stuff, LoveWorld School can help your child because we have a lot of videos that can help them to learn and have a deeper understanding of the lessons they are going to be taught.

I never knew that I was that good at Math but when I came to LoveWorld School, I realized that I actually have this love for Math that I never discovered. So when you bring your child to LoveWorld School, it opens up new skills and you will want to know more.