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LoveWorld School is an all age, co-educational, International, day and boarding school founded on sound christian principles, proven godly values and endowed with a rich and enhancing academic curriculum. Ours is an extraordinary and exceptional educational institute based on the vision of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and birthed by the inspiration from our Man of God Rev.  Chris Oyakhilome Dsc., D.D.

Rev. Chris Oyakhilome

D.Sc D.D

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Foundation Stage

The Early Years in LoveWorld Schools comprises of four classes: Crèche,Preschool,Nursery 


We operate a merged curriculum made up of the British National Curriculum and the strength of the Nigerian curriculum in the primary section of the school. 


The School offers comprehensive and qualitative education based on the English National curriculum with a blend of the Nigeria curriculum and education system. 

DAY 1: Day 1 of the “Activities week” The EYFS pupils participated actively in different activities. Every child had an opportunity to represent their houses in different games/activities including but not limited to Filling the basket, Big Daddy’s shoe race, Sack race, Tunnel race, Art & Craft competition and Cycling race. It was a beautiful event as it spanned throughout the school day on Monday 8th March 2021. At the end of Day one, Blue house was at the top of the score board with 53 points.

DAY 2: The Activities Week Day 2 in reminiscence was quite an exhilarating moment for the children. Pupils competed in activities such as Chess, Debate, Scripture Challenge, Skipping, Balloon games, Broad jump amongst others on Tuesday 9th March . It was a very fulfilling experience for all the children as they were actively involved in these activities. At the end of the second day of the Activities Week, Green house emerged at the top of the score board with 48 points.

DAY 3: The Day 3 of the Activities Week featured the 7th Inter-house competition by secondary school students and held on Wednesday 10th March on the school grounds with joy and high spirits. The chief judge for the events of the day was Mr Okosodo. The excitement was tangible as students filled all the benches painted according to the house colours in the arena. Some parents were also present to grace the occasion. Students competed in the Charade game, Pictorial game, participants in the Arts and Craft competition painted on the Rapture of the Church , the Bible Challenge was on Matthew 27-1-66, the Public speaking featured on the topic “Social media- a bane or boon for the society”. Other activities included Shot put, Broad jump, High jump, Team hula cup, Scavenger hunt and Chess Competition with the Yellow, Blue, Green and Red house coming First, second, third and fourth place with 49, 38, 37 and 36 points respectively.

DAY 4:  Day 4 of the Activities week was all about our Parents. It was the first of its kind with our beautiful LoveWorld School Mums kitted in their full elements for the cooking competition. Each team of two mums per house were given the same list of ingredients to prepare a menu of their choice. It was a display of culinary skills and all the houses came up with delicious meals nicely presented. The participants were scored based on Effort, Creativity, Presentation and Taste. Blue house emerged winner followed closely by yellow house, Red house finished in 3rd place and Green house in 4th place. Our resilient Dads were not left out, they charged up for the Table Tennis and Chess Game challenge. Our parents were elated to be a part of the competitions and they had so much fun too.

DAY 5: Day 5 of the Activities Week was the Grand finale of the event. The euphoria of the event was at its peak as students featured in several activities such as Cheer leaders’ parade, Volleyball finals, Badminton finals, Table Tennis finals, Catching the Train, Fashion Parade and lots more. Teachers also participated in the Tug of War game. Blue house made history by emerging 1st position in the 7th Inter-house competition with a total of 165 points. Yellow house finished in 2nd place with a total of 160 points. Green house emerged 3rd place with a total of 158 points while Red house finished in 4th place with a total of 139 points. The 2021 Activities week is an event we will always remember.

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